Not much happened today.   JUST KIDDING.

Lots of great mixed skill level matches, plus today brought together some of the best Men’s and Women’s Pro doubles teams in the world.  Wow what a a day for watching great pickleball.

Since Zack and I have been incredibly busy at the Pickleball Rocks booth (thanks to many of you) all week, today was a great day for me to catch up with a lot of friends.
I was fortunate to catch many of them in action, starting with Indiana friends, Tom Sparks, Mary Kojak and Matt Kelsch battling it out in a mid round 4.0 match.

Next I stopped by the ZING ZANG center court only to find some more Midwest players, Ryan Goodwin and Sharon Hall, playing their first ever match on center court.  I’m sure that will be something they will never forget.

Then as the day started heating up (made it to around 95 degrees again today and oh my gosh, it’s not a dry heat.), I wandered into the bank of courts where lots of our Pro friends were playing some amazing pickleball and crowds were building quickly.  Everywhere you turned there were people like Brian Staub and Bonnie Williams taking on Tyler Sheffield and Mona Burnett.
Oh, and the American flag on Brian Staub’s arm just reminded me of a question that I’ve had all week, but forgot to ask.  I’ve never been to a pickleball tournament of any size or importance that didn’t start out the day with our National anthem.  Can anyone tell me why the “United States” Open Pickleball tournament doesn’t play the anthem???? #alittledisappointed

Also caught a little of Dave and Kyle cruising through one of their early round matches right across the aisle from Christine McGrath and Sarah Ansboury.  The play just got better and better as the day wore on.

Stopped at the misting tent several times today as did many players and fans.
That thing is a life saver and it stayed busy.

Finally, we did something that we had meant to do all week, but just didn’t take the time.  We made the short walk to see the Thank You Across America semi tractor trailer truck and helped fill their money jar with a donation from our Pickleball Rocks family.
If you haven’t taken the time yet, please, please, please take just a short few minutes to stop by their truck and display and thank a war veteran with a donation in their jar.  It’s as easy as that.

Then we packed up for the day, returned to our host home and started the preparation for the long drive home beginning Saturday night.  Caught Zack saying goodbye to his new friend, Labradoodle Gracie.  She became his nightly running buddy while he was here.  I’m sure he is going to miss her.

Good night everyone,