The Revolutionary Hand-Eye Pickleball Trainer: A Game Changer

Every great pickleball coach will tell you this same simple, but critical tip.  If you want to improve your ability to control a pickleball, the first key is not in practicing your forehand or backhand or serve. It’s not in practicing your drop, dink or lob.   No, the very first key to work on is your hand-eye coordination.  No amount of shots from a ball machine or training partner will help you improve your control if you do not first improve your hand-eye coordination.  You only have to play this crazy game for a short period of time before you realize that there is a direct correlation between hitting the ball on the paddle’s sweet spot and getting that ball to land where you want it to land.  You can hit all the shots you want, but if you don’t hit the ball consistently on your sweet spot, the ball will not react the way you want it to.

The Kill Shot Pro: Hand-Eye Pickleball Trainer

Kill Shot Pro Hand-Eye Pickleball Trainer

The new revolutionary pickleball hand-eye training tool, guaranteed to take your control to the next level.
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Kill-Shot Pro™ is the first and only integrated pickleball training system consisting of a paddle, sensor, “smart” controller and a plug-in charger. It is a patent-pending pickleball training aid with computer intelligence built in to give you real-time feedback on your shots, helping you to build hand-eye coordination and achieve consistent “sweet spot” hits.

Your Kill-Shot Pro™ will arrive fully assembled and ready for you to start focus training right out of the box.

Kill Shot Pro Hand-Eye Pickleball Trainer

Recreational Paddles at Great Prices: Just In Time For Christmas

The Perfect Pickleball Christmas Gift

Can there be a more perfect Christmas gift for that special player in your life?  Hint: It may be you.

Currently we have a great selection of cool, high quality recreational paddles available for quick shipment.
All paddles priced from $39 – $79 and are fully compliant with USA Pickleball rules and regulations.

So if you want to give someone the gift of pickleball or simply put a great second paddle in your own bag, we have you covered.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas,
The Pickleball Rocks Team

What Does A Quiet Paddle Look Like?

A quiet paddle?  Is there such a thing?  Well, yes there is.  But what is QUIET?
Nowadays, quiet is the buzz word in town and city council meetings everywhere.  Everyone wants to have their peace and quiet, and pickleball has become a source of consternation in many places.

So paddle companies are swiftly moving to try to solve the noisy problem by making a paddle that is quiet. The challenge is that the word quiet means different things to different people.  What is quiet to one may still be too noisy to others.

But at its core, the solution is to either make a quieter paddle or a quieter ball.  Many people will not remember the old, legendary lime green 26 hole Jugs Bulldog ball.  We still sell them at the Pickleball Rocks Shop for one simple reason.  It is extremely quiet when you hit it.  And even quieter if you hit it with one of the newer thick, 16mm carbon fiber paddles.  We also have tested the new Pickleball Rocks 26 hole ball and it too is extremely quiet on the decibel meter.

I have to be up front here. I have not hit with many of the newer thick paddles.  I was an old 10mm graphite paddle guy for over 10 years before I started moving into carbon fiber paddles five years ago.

But I am happy to say that the new DUDE 16mm carbon fiber paddle was recently tested by USA Pickleball and was actually singled out in a recent post that it was one of the quieter paddles they’d tested.  It does not have that traditional POP sound that is apparently so irritating to many non players.   It does have a significantly lower “THUNK” sound that does not carry far.

We recently played with the DUDE paddle and combined it with the Jugs Bulldog and it was amazing how quiet it was.

So what does a quiet paddle look like?  It looks like any other pickleball paddle.  It is what you don’t see that makes the sound difference.  You make the paddle thicker, the extra mass will absorb more of the sound.  Remember from your middle school science classes that sound comes from vibration.  So the thicker the paddle, the more the sound is absorbed and lessened because of less vibration.

Make the honeycomb core chambers larger in diameter and now you have larger air pockets inside each chamber.  Those larger air pockets will absorb the sound.  Make the plastic in the core softer and likewise you will have less sound coming from the face of that paddle.

So we know it’s possible to reduce that decibel level and we know companies are working hard on it.  Ultimately science will help us solve the problem.

Don’t expect any new “Quiet” paddles to be approved for sanctioned tournaments for awhile.  But we know we built the DUDE paddle to be totally compliant with all the USA Pickleball rules and we are very pleased with the sound that comes from hitting a clean winner. Shoot we may even send it in for approval some day.    It plays like any high level carbon fiber paddle should, and I would not hesitate to use it in any unsanctioned event.

I’m truly looking forward to trying more quiet paddles as they hit the market.  It is an exciting time for pickleball, and technology is going to continue to make it even more exciting.

So if you get your hands on a DUDE paddle, enjoy the way it plays, but even more importantly, enjoy the lack of sound, and keep on playing.


DISCLAIMER:  This article was written to address and help with the sound problem in communities where it’s a problem.  In this article we are not trying to come up with a sanctioned tournament ball or paddle solution.  We are trying to help the other 95% who just want to play and have fun, and not have to worry about the neighbors shutting them down.  Let’s Play!


The DUDE Pickleball Paddle

16mm Large Hole Polymer Core
Double Layer Carbon Fiber Face
Ultra Soft Grip

The DUDE: The GOAT of Under $100 Carbon Fiber Paddles

The DUDE: Play With Attitude

The Dude Pickleball Paddle

Remember the last time you were playing a match, and you heard someone from the sidelines yell, “wow that dude is really good!”?
NO??? You don’t remember that???

Well, we are here to fix that with The DUDE.   The newest 16mm carbon fiber super paddle from the team at Pickleball Rocks.
This bad boy is rock solid and made to last.  You’ll feel the softness of the popular thick 16mm paddles, but unleash the power that you get with 3K carbon fiber.  Also, and you may not care about this, but The DUDE has a distinctive “thunk” when you hit the ball.  Yes, it is a very quiet paddle compared to most other paddle in player’s bags.

So next time you are on the court with this new paddle, don’t be surprised if you hear from the sidelines,

They might be talking about you…..and then again it could be the paddle.  But who cares!

Pink Widow: The Paddle Designed By The Ladies of the Courts

Six months ago, our team at Pickleball Rocks reached out to our huge Facebook fan base and asked a simple question:

“With all the macho named paddles out there, what would be a great paddle name that ladies would like?  Go ladies!”
And OH MY the responses!

There were names like Honey Badger and Godiva.  There was Queen B and there was Bella.
And yep there were names of both female and male body parts that we just won’t mention here.  🙂
But the point is, we were inundated with names to choose from and ultimately the name that won out was “The Pink Widow”.

Thank you Michell Cook for being the first to submit that winning name.

So next we put some graphic designers to work to come up with some fun Pink Widow paddle designs.  Then again, we put you Facebook pickleball addicts to work to vote and choose the winning design that would become “The Pink Widow”.
And again, we loved what you decided on.

With your help we decided that Pink Widow would be a soft, yet powerful paddle, so we chose a super thick 16mm polymer honeycomb core that would absorb not only the impact of the ball, but the sound from the impact as well.  We love the sound of the ball hitting this paddle and will be sending it off to the USA Pickleball sound testing guys to see if it meets their “quiet paddle” standards. 
We believe it will.

We also wanted to give you the latest and greatest surface in paddles, so the Pink Widow has the iconic T700 carbon fiber face.  Plenty of strength and yes, plenty of spin.

And finally, you told us that you wanted the new Pink Widow paddle to be affordable.  You said it had to be a price where everyone could have one, and for some players even two, of them in their paddle bags.
So the Pink Widow paddle is coming to courts everywhere for $79.


Ladies you hit a home run with the creation of the new Pink Widow and we are excited to bring it to you.

Be ready for the reaction when you walk onto the court with it in your hand.
People will want to try your new weapon of choice.
So be ready to share it at your own risk.  You may not get it back.

Thanks again for all the team work that went into bringing The Pink Widow to life.
Let the fun begin!!!!
-Rocket and the whole Pickleball Rocks Team

Pink Widow Pickleball Paddle by Pickleball Rocks