Pickleball Rocks Releases New Apparel: Just In Time For Christmas

New For Christmas

Soft, Warm
Hyacinth Color
1/2 Zip

Stretch 1/2 Zip
Pink Rush Color

Soft Warm Hyacinth Colored 1/4 Zip

Silver Color
TShirt Hoodie

Black Color
TShirt Hoodie

Ladies Inspired
Navy Color

Mens Inspired
Navy Color

Ladies Heather Grey
3/4 Sleeve

Soft Shell
Cyan Color
Ladies Jacket

Ladies 1/2 Zip
Warm and Cozy
White Color

Mens Black
3 Stripe
Long Sleeve

Ladies Black

Pickleball Rocks Opens First Retail Brick and Mortar Store In Brookville

If you haven’t heard of the sport of pickleball, you soon will.  Simply turn on the TV and on any given weekend you’ll see players competing in tournaments and leagues across the country and around the world.  Yes, over 70 countries now have people playing the fun sport of pickleball. Television shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show have recently showcased pickleball, and the news is abuzz about the fact that people like Tom Brady, Lebron James and Mark Cuban now own Major League Pickleball teams.

We personally have been playing pickleball in the tiny town of Brookville, Indiana since 2008. And yes, thanks to Brookville friends and residents Marilyn Hedrick, Larry Sheets and Charlie and Betty Allen, pickleball has been played here since 2006.

So with the simple cutting of a ribbon, we’ve launched the very first Pickleball Rocks Shop at 110 Main Street in our hometown of Brookville, Indiana.

This new site will be the first midwest store dedicated solely to the sport of pickleball and further solidifies Pickleball Rocks as the country’s best known pickleball apparel brand.  The shop will handle much of the world famous Pickleball Rocks branded apparel as well as their new branded paddles and portable nets. Additionally people will be able to demo paddles from major paddle makers like Gearbox, Selkirk, Engage and Pro-Lite Sports.



USA Pickleball Rocks
Pickleball Rocks Shop Mens Department

The store has its own indoor dinking court plus, during good weather, will have an outdoor demo court for trying out your future new paddle.  We are excited to move the Pickleball Rocks administrative office to 110 Main Street and additionally the new shop will act as the launch pad for all new Pickleball Rocks products before they go for sale online.

We are thankful for our many customers and fans. Pickleball Rocks because of you!

Pickleball Rocks Welcomes New Team/Club Sales and Event Sales Director

Pickleball 4 Kids

Today we are welcoming long-time sales professional, Kevin Lindley to the Pickleball Rocks team.
Kevin joins the team as our new National Team Sales and Event Sales Director.
Besides selling our famous Pickleball Rocks clothing all across the country, helping the sport grow has been our passion and mission for over 13 years. We’ve worked with communities, small and large, and we have worked with players of every age and ability level.

We are excited to announce that we have added a new business division to our Pickleball Rocks parent company. The new division was added to specifically sell low cost pickleball paddles and equipment to elementary, middle and high school physical education programs as well as college recreation centers, college club teams and YMCA’s.

Even more exciting is the fact that this new equipment division of Pickleball Rocks will be headed up by former Reebok National Sales Director, Kevin Lindley. Kevin has the dream resume for this new position. On top of his stint with Reebok, Kevin has spent the last 15 years leading the Team Sales group at Indianapolis Racquet Club, selling tennis equipment directly to colleges and schools across the country.

When we first talked to Kevin about him selling our pickleball equipment to those same schools and colleges, I literally held my breath until he said yes.

Soon we will be launching the new Pickleball Rocks branded paddle line along with a selection of low cost balls and portable nets. Everything in our new line will be amazingly affordable for our school and organizational customers.

For the last 6 months we have been stockpiling low cost paddles that are earmarked specifically to be sold to this new youth market.  Some of the paddle names you may recognize while some soon-to-be-added paddles you may not be familiar with, yet.

Our first project, code named “Pickleball 4 Kids” will use these low cost paddles to get the kids of America playing this great sport.  Growing pickleball at the youth level nationwide has been a passion of ours for years, and now, with Kevin’s help, we are going to help introduce the kids at warp speed. We believe every phys ed teacher and recreational program director will love working with Kevin.

When asked about his joining the Pickleball Rocks Team, Kevin said, “It really is a dream job.  I’ve absolutely loved working in tennis sales for years, and now I get to be involved with, not only the fastest growing sport in America, but I get to be an integral part of one of the best know pickleball brands on the planet. Everyone seems to know Pickleball Rocks and its products and their reputation for helping pickleball grow.  I’m super excited to get started.  I love that everyone on the team has the same vision, to get everyone playing, no matter what age they might be.”

So let your school know about Kevin and he will be in touch.

For a FREE equipment quote for your school, college or organization, contact Kevin at kevin@pickleballrocks.com

Kevin Lindley

To Learn More About The Pickleball 4 Kids Project and the recreational paddles available go to https://pickleballrocks.com/pickleball-4-kids/

Remember When Pickleball….

Memories are wonderful things, especially when it comes to pickleball.
We remember important milestones in the growth of the sport and we remember personal events that continue to make us smile (or sometimes cry).
I remember playing my first USAPA Nationals in Buckeye, Arizona.
As a new 16 year old, just getting my feet wet, I won the Mens Singles 5.0 Open division and pocketed my first pickleball paycheck of $1,000.  Wait, maybe that is just a fantasy.
But I do actually remember that first nationals for me.  It was in Buckeye, and I did manage to play in a big men’s singles bracket and come in 4th in my first singles tournament.  And I remember that almost every court at that nationals used a standard portable net on a taped tennis court. I also remember how hard it was to buy a paddle 13 years ago. Today we think it’s tough to buy a paddle because there are thousands of paddles to choose from.  I remember that I could only find three companies online who sold paddles, ProLite Sports, Pickleball Inc and Fran Meyer’s Pickleball Stuff.  I also remember that if you liked one of the paddles they sold, you couldn’t buy it on their website and pay for it with a credit card.  You had to mail them a check, and when your check cleared, they shipped your paddle. That was only 13 years ago.I remember that only 13 years ago, that clearly the best player on the planet was a guy by the name of Pat Kane.  I couldn’t find anyone to argue that, and Pat was in his early 60’s at that time. He simply won everything against everybody.

I remember living in southeast Indiana only 13 years ago and not being able to find any pickleball courts in Cincinnati (except suburb Middletown) or Indianapolis or Dayton.  Some volunteers in our tiny town of Brookville built 2 nice ones so we could play.  Those two courts became the seeds that spawned many midwest communities, towns and cities.

I remember that 13 years ago, seemingly nobody had ever heard of the sport of pickleball.  “What’s that?”  You spent a lot of time telling the pickleball story, especially the dog part. 🙂

I remember when every tournament treated players the same, no matter what level or age they were. We all shared a nice hospitality area and everyone pitched in to make sure everyone had a good time.I remember the joy on people’s faces when they would show up at our courts for the first time and they were welcomed with open arms to come out and play.  No paddle?  No problem, here’s one of mine. That culture by the way has never changed at our courts. Sad that some places don’t create the same experience for those new players. But that’s for another article.

I remember when there was no money prizes to play for and I remember when a tournament didn’t really need big corporate sponsors to be able to hold a good event.

The local grocer donated the bananas and the local insurance agent furnished the bottled water for the players.

Your memories of course are different from mine.
The key point about my memories is that they are from only the last 13 years.  It is amazing how the sport has changed and continues to change.  But it has seen all this change in only the last 10-13 years.   With recreational players and amateur tournament players growing in record numbers, it is a fun time to be a part of this great sport.  It continues to make memories for me, my family and all my friends who will soon be playing.
All good memories indeed.
While you play pickleball today, make yourself some memories and help someone else make some good ones too.
So Let’s Play,

Shopping Local is Going National For Two Days

Help us help the small local businesses.

Sadly, this year many small businesses will not be open for business because of the effects of covid19.   We know the pandemic has shut down many small pickleball businesses as well as many small local businesses of every type.

We are truly thankful that players across the country have made Pickleball Rocks the most recognized pickleball apparel brand in America. And we are equally thankful that every Christmas season, many players choose to do their online shopping with us.  This year seems to be no different. Orders for Christmas presents are rolling in and we are doing our best to get them prepared and on the way to you in time for Christmas.

I wish we could do more to help the small local businesses that are hurting so badly right now.  But at least we can do something.

So in an attempt to help some of our local business friends, we are going to take almost all the orders that are placed during the next two days and have them printed and decorated by a couple of our local small business owners here in our tiny hometown of Brookville, Indiana.

We are assured that everything will be the same quality that you are accustomed to receiving from Pickleball Rocks.  And we are also confident that we will be able to get everything delivered to you in plenty of time for your Christmas giving (and receiving).

So from now until midnight Tuesday 12/8, help us help our local business owners.

Have fun shopping from our 2020 Christmas Shopping Guide.  And know you are helping more than ever.

We hope you have a holiday season filled with joy, peace and hopefully a little pickleball.  
-Rocket and the whole Pickleball Rocks Team