Wyatt Stone Joins The Pickleball Rocks Team

Hey Pickleball Nation.  Below is what may be the most exciting press release since we introduced our first Pickleball Rocks shirt ten years ago.  The movement is coming…..We feel the youth of America and the world has been waiting for someone to invite them into the wonderful world of pickleball, and we feel like we’ve found the perfect man to do it.  Help us welcome Wyatt Stone to the Pickleball Rocks Team.

July 23, 2018PRLog — Today, the world famous Pickleball Rocks Team announced the addition of Texas Junior player, Wyatt Stone to the team.  Stone has joined the team to fill the newly created position of National Junior Player Development Manager.

This position will primarily be responsible for growing pickleball at the youth level nationwide. Functions will include but not be limited to attending and playing tournaments, social media posting and article writing as well as teaching and coaching kids of all ages. Stone is an IPTPA Certified Level 2 instructor.

When asked about his joining the Pickleball Rocks Team, Wyatt replied with, “I am so excited about this opportunity to work with the country’s most recognized team when it comes to helping pickleball grow.  They seem to be everywhere and are always giving back to communities. The way I look at it, most adult players already know about Pickleball Rocks.  But now I get the chance to introduce our passion for the game to guys and gals my age and I can’t wait to spread what I’ve already started.  I love that everyone on the team has the same vision, to get EVERYONE playing.

Said Pickleball Rocks CEO Rodney “Rocket” Grubbs, This is an exciting time for the sport of pickleball.  So many great things going on at both the pro level and the amateur level.  And now with the addition of Wyatt, we have just greatly increased our ability to help the sport of pickleball grow at the youth level. Wyatt already has a great reputation for being not only a very good young player, but for being a great advocate for players of all ages and skill levels. There are kids across the country who are just waiting to be invited to try pickleball and Wyatt will find them and get them on the courts.  I see him leading an amazing youth movement, and he will be great at it.  We are so happy to have him on our Pickleball Rocks Team.” 



Why You Should Wear A First Server Wristband

See if you recognize this scenario.


You serve the ball. Your opponent makes a nice deep return and that point turns into a 10 plus shot rally, filled with dinks and lobs and
hard drive shots, that eventually ends with you hitting a great shot down the middle for a winner.

Then while your opponent chases down the dead ball, this discussion begins.

“Alright who’s serve is it?” “What is the score?” “Am I on the right side?”

That scenario plays out on pickleball courts across America and around the world every day.

And if one player on each side of the net is wearing a First Server Wristband, the answer to those questions becomes much easier to  figure out.

A First Server Wristband is used to help easily identify the person who, at the beginning of the game, served first for your team. That  magical wristband helps avoid arguments and settle disputes because it automatically tells you a couple of things.

Number One: It tells you who did indeed started the game serving for your team. That identified player would have started serving the game from the right/even side of the court as the team is facing the net.

Number Two: That magical wristband also tells you that the wearer will serve or receive all even points from the right side of the court, and all odd points from the left side.

So next time you get into one of those really long points, where everyone stands and looks at each other with the question, “who served
that?” or “what is the score?”, remember that having a first server wristband on a player on each side of the net will definitely help you sort it out.

If you can remember what the score was when the last side-out occurred, you can look for those players wearing the wristbands or other first serve indicators and figure things out quickly. Problems solved and many disagreements averted.

Always have a couple of first server wristbands in your bag and wear them every time you play. You will be very glad you did.

Hope you are playing pickleball today because as you already know….Pickleball Rocks!

Rocket, Mindy, Cam, Jason, Zack, Josh, Abby, Stephanie and LeEllen
The Pickleball Rocks Team

Current USAPA Approved Ball List: June 1, 2019

Current USAPA Approved Paddles

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Pickleball Rocks and Midwest Sports.com Join To Launch Mega Store Pickleball Paradise

Months in the making, today our Pickleball Rocks team and Midwest Sports.com launched one of the most exciting partnerships in the history of pickleball. The picture on the right shows Rodney “Rocket” Grubbs with Greg Wolf, president of tennis giant MidwestSports.com as we celebrate the launch of PickleballParadise.com.  As many pickleball players already know, MidwestSports.com has long been one of the favorite shopping places for a super selection of court shoes.  Perfect for us pickleball players, they handle all the great brands and models.

But now, get excited, because you will have not only one great place to find your pickleball shoes, but virtually anything you need to play the sport of pickleball.  Shoe and paddles and apparel and more!

Midwest Sports and Pickleball Rocks have combined our passions to bring this tremendous, new online experience to pickleball.

Greg Wolf explained, “We feel the same energy and passion around the sport of pickleball that we felt from tennis in its heyday. There is a sense of community from players who wake up each morning wanting to spread the word. It’s exciting, it’s contagious.”

From our Pickleball Rocks standpoint, it was an easy decision.  Prior to taking up pickleball and founding the Pickleball Rocks clothing company, we were a tennis family who bought all of our racquets and shoes from Midwest Sports. We have known of the Wolf family for many years so we knew Midwest Sports was a great, family-owned company.

That background was very important to us. It is not often that we link our brand with anyone else.  But when Greg Wolf called and suggested a partnership with us, we already knew they valued a lot of the same things as our family. We believed it would be a great fit immediately.

We don’t take it lightly that Pickleball Rocks has become the largest pickleball apparel brand in the country.  We owe it all to the tremendous people who buy the products, and encourage and support our mission to help the great sport of pickleball grow.  We couldn’t do it without you, so we feel it is very important for you to know that Pickleball Paradise won’t just be any sales website.  It’s mission is the same as our mission.  To grow pickleball to heights we never thought possible, but to do it with every player at every level’s best interest at heart.  That has always been our commitment to you.

We hope you’ll love PickleballParadise.com as much as we have loved putting it together for you.

Today we launched, but the website today is just the tip of the iceburg. 
New products (THINK LOTS OF SHOES, TOP OF THE LINE PADDLES AND PICKLEBALL ROCKS APPAREL AND MORE), new training videos and new fun will be added regularly. 
Many great announcements will be coming out in the weeks and months ahead so stay tuned, because as you have always known…..Pickleball Rocks!

WELCOME TO PARADISE:  Pickleball Paradise

Rocket, Josh, Abby, Zack, Stephanie, LeEllen, Mindy, Cam and Jason
The Pickleball Rocks Team

Pickleball Rocks Academy Now Offers Family Pickleball Training plus Adds Jason Neuenschwander and Cam Thompson To The Team

It is with great excitement that we are announcing our latest Pickleball Rocks Training Academy expansion.

Today our Pickleball Rocks Team welcomes Jason Neuenschwander and Cam Thompson to the team as our academy’s latest IPTPA Certified coaches.

The recent addition of Team Building and Events coordinator, Mindy Yoder along with new IPTPA certified pickleball coaches Jason Neuenschwander and Cam Thompson, now gives the Pickleball Rocks Training and Fun Academy the capability to help grow a segment of the pickleball population that has been greatly overlooked, the families.

We are excited to expand our current academy training offerings to include great training for the young people who we know will love pickleball, but more importantly, to teach them pickleball right alongside their parents and grandparents.  We have a very strong desire to do things that will not only grow the sport of pickleball, but to help build the family unit stronger as well. 

Jason and Cam bring a history and a love of helping kids learn pickleball to our team and we are thrilled to have them join us in this new Pickleball Rocks Team offering.   Pickleball is the perfect tool to use to help bring families together and we have a great team of coaches to make it happen.

We are adding camps and clinics for kids as well as camps and clinics for entire families, where children and their moms, dads and grandparents can all learn to play our great sport together.

Our very first pickleball camp for kids, kicks off next week and it filled up in a matter of hours.  This will be the first of many opportunities for children to learn this fun sport.

The new family training division of the academy will focus on providing basic pickleball skills training and strategy development, while at the same time allowing the whole family to learn and have fun playing together. 

The new Pickleball Rocks Academy family division will initially focus on teaching families in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas, but will certainly expand quickly throughout the region.

To see all the current pickleball training offerings, visit www.PickleballRocksTrainingAcademy.com