The Pickleball Rocks Story

It all started by having a lifelong tennis family. I loved teaching high school tennis and playing in USTA tennis leagues around the Cincinnati area.

Then in 2008, two local Brookville couples asked me to try this “new” sport called pickleball. Well, it was new to our area. So to keep the story short, I was hooked the very first day and soon after had our whole family playing.

The Pickleball Rocks journey has been fun and interesting. In late 2008, I launched the first website,, and became a paddle distributor for Pro-Lite Sports.

In 2009, I was looking for ways to bring attention to pickleball in and around Brookville, Indiana. So in a brainstorming session, we came up with the phrase Pickleball Rocks.  We believed this would lead to conversation about pickleball.  I ironed the phrase on a few white cotton tshirts and began to wear them.

Soon people were asking us where we got our shirts, so of course we found an answer.  I trademarked the now famous phrase, Pickleball Rocks, and the apparel brand was launched.  Today the Pickleball Rocks apparel line is the world’s most recognized pickleball apparel brand.

I have traveled the world playing in tournaments, vending at tournaments, conducting clinics, and preaching the pickleball gospel.  We have developed numerous programs to help people grow this great sport.

Then during a pandemic, we boldly trademarked and launched our next brand, “UNSTOPPABLE PICKLEBALL” to tell the world that the sport of pickleball is here to stay.   Shortly after that, we launched the high end apparel brand, “LEGENDARY PICKLEBALL”, a collection of fully embroidered jackets, vests, hats and high quality polo shirts.

In August 2022 I made a major decision to get behind the coming youth wave by creating the P4K project.
P4K (Pickleball 4 Kids) markets low cost balls, paddles and nets to middle schools, high schools, college recreation centers and YMCA’s across the country.

So as we continue to create new programs and reach out to help communities grow this sport, we want to thank you for helping us.  We see each one of you as friends and a vital part of our Pickleball Rocks team.

May all your days be filled with good health, much love, and lot and lots of pickleball.

Because as everyone knows, Pickleball Rocks!