Yay, play day for Rocket.  Played the Men’s Senior 5.0 today. Got 4th.  Some people call it the aluminum medal.  I just say it stinks.  So close, yet so far thanks to two losses to future Nationals partner Darryl Noble. Looking forward with playing with Darryl rather than against him.

Today started off great.  I happened to be walking past the Zing Zang Championship Court around 7:30 am this morning and I hear the familar ping of someone practicing on center court.  I took a look, and low and behold there was Indianapolis friend Don Nixon practicing with partner Michael O’Leary for their initial 3.0 match of the day. Just had to stop and say hi and grab a quick picture of them proudly wearing their Rock N Roll Pickleball shirts. Quite a good looking team.


Luckily their court assignment for their first match was the great center court, so they had a nice crowd watch them put up a great battle, but alas a loss.  Their next match, their opponents weren’t so fortunate.  A win for Don and Mike at the US Open.  Awesome to watch.  After their match 2 win, I took good friend and current US Open Men’s Pro Gold Medalist, Dave Weinbach to the meet this dynamic duo. Just another set of great friendships formed in our great sport.

After watching Don and Mike play, I headed over to the Avalon bank of courts to see what all the commotion has been about all week. Lot’s of unhappy players and now I know why.  Sadly, players who paid a lot of money to enter and travel to the US Open are being asked to play on courts that are downright dangerous.

I was only there for about 30 minutes, but saw two people get caught up in the very close side fences and one player go down.  I imagine the post tournament survey will be heavily laden with complaints about the Avalon courts. I’m sure the US Open will correct this one before next year’s event.

On a very positive side, the misting tent came on around 2:45 today and provided some great relief for those of us still on the courts this afternoon.  Hadn’t seen it operational since Sunday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, US Open.  It will be great for the players in the coming days, since it sounds like some serious heat is coming.

Had another great day at the PB Rocks booth.  Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to say hi.  We appreciate each and every one of you.


Topped off the day with a stop at the Thank You Across America truck to meet President, Mark Michael. Mark patiently told me all about this great organization.  100% volunteer run and 100% of every donation goes straight to helping US veterans. 

   Thank You Across America

Chapters are popping up everywhere so if you know a vet in need of help of just about any kind, put them in contact with Mark and his team at www.ThankYourAcrossAmerica.com .
Please take a minute or two to visit their beautiful semi tractor trailer truck.  And donate if you can.
God bless their work.

Reminder for those playing tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.  It’s going to get hot!!!!!
So hydrate, hydrate and certainly hydrate some more.  It’s vital for your play, but more importantly vital for your health.

Have a great evening everyone.