Day 6 was all about the ladies.  Today was Skill Level Ladies Doubles day and we saw some amazing play.


And of course we saw a lot of ladies teams beating each other senseless on the court, only to finish with a hug.
That is what makes pickleball special.  Hope we never lose that.

Took some time to visit the place the players call Tent City today.  Everyone brings a tent and creates a magical place for players to hang out throughout the week.  Great place to catch up with old friend and make new ones.
Even got to catch a glimpse of the elusive Bruce Dillon today.  A special moment indeed. 🙂

Noontime brought a unique event to the ZING ZANG Championship Court.  We stopped in to watch our favorite pickleballer, Stephanie Lane, holding court with Dave Weinbach and some of the top USAPA Junior Pickleball players in the country as they entertained a 5th grade class from nearby Avalon Elementary School.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

As the afternoon wore on, it was fun to watch as some of the top pros, including Irene Tereschenko, Lucy Kovalova and Jack Oxler, began to practice for what should be a memorable weekend.

As I headed to the outer parking lot to bring the Pickleball Rocks mobile in to load up for the night, I happened across newly arrived Aspen Kern.  Upon asking Aspen how he was doing, the first thing he said was, “it’s hot”.

Aspen is a man of few words, but with projected temps in the mid 90’s for both Friday and Saturday, I’d have to agree.  Things are going to be hot both on and off the courts.  Next to the USAPA National tournament, this is the greatest get together of the top players in the country.  Should be really fun to watch.

Have a great evening everybody.