SIMON The Heavy Duty Pickleball Machine

Doesn’t happen often.  Someone gives you a one hundred dollar bill.  Well that’s kinda what we are doing tonight.

For the next 48 hours, you can use discount code SIMON100 and get an instant $100 OFF on the Remote Control version of SIMON 2.0, the world’s only heavy duty use pickleball throwing machine.

This code expires at 11:59pm Monday night June 5th.

  • In case you haven’t heard.  SIMON 2.0 now….
    Comes with a Wireless Remote Control that works up to 100 feet.
    Comes with onboard wheels, making it easy to move Simon anywhere on the court.
    Comes with a unique fully adjustable Any-Log, Any-Dink ramp, allowing you to simulate any shot you can dream of.
    Come with a built in Turbo Carousel that flawlessly feeds balls as quickly as one every 1.5 seconds.  WOW!