Hey Pickleball Nation,

Don’t look now, but Christmas is coming up quickly.  Are you ready?

Here at the Grubbs house we like to think we are ready.  The annual Christmas chili and donuts (our tradition) ingredients are ready and the presents are wrapped and under the tree.
We are off the pickleball traveling trail for a few weeks and are gearing up for a fun, fun 2017.

If you have a little last minute Christmas shopping to do, we thought we’d offer you an investment that will make those final purchases a little easier on your wallet.

Buy any Gift Certificate at PickleballShopping.com and we will increase it automatically by a whopping 20%.   Yes, an instant 20% return on your money.
So if you buy a $50 Gift Certificate, you will receive a free $10 increase, thus a $60 Certificate.

Buy a $100 Gift Certificate and receive a $120 Certificate.  Yes, $20 extra for FREE.

Now that is what we call a great investment.

If you don’t see the denomination you are interested in, just drop us a line at PlayerServices@AllAboutPickleball.com and we’ll make it happen for you.

You will receive your Gift Certificate via email within a few hours of your purchase.

Merry Christmas Everyone,
Rocket, Josh, Zack, Abby and Stephanie
The Pickleball Rocks Team

This great pickleball investment offer
is only good through Midnight December 23rd.

Pickleball Gift Certificates
DISCLAIMER:  This post is not intended to be investment advice
and should not be taken that way. Nothing in this Pickleball Rocks
blog post will make you rich.  
However, it will make someone very happy.