When people ask us “what is pickleball?”, we routinely send them to www.WhatIsPickleball.com where they can get a set of the rules, see some videos of people, old and young, playing plus hear Josh Grubbs give them his take on this great sport.

In the very near future, we will not have to answer that question anymore because the main stream media is quickly helping us spread the word.

The greatest example yet is northern Michigan’s 9and10 News, which recently did a LIVE pickleball promo segment every 15 minutes for 3 solid hours.  Beginning at 6am, reporter Kalin Franks, did live player interviews and updates from the old Traverse Bay YMCA in Traverse City, Michigan.  TAPA (Traverse Area Pickleball Association) has done a phenomenal job of growing pickleball in Northern Michigan and this news coverage just told the world.

Pickleball Rocks in Traverse City Michigan

By the time Kalin and sidekick Stephanie finished their last segment around 9am, their tv audience was left with no doubt about how great pickleball is for individuals and for a community.

Many thanks to Kalin and Stephanie and the whole 9and10 News team.

Pickleball Rocks and so do you!

See all the video segments by CLICKING HERE.

Great job Bart Ford, Gary Ford and all those featured players.!