The Port Jervis Pickleball Tourney was a two day event on the 3rd and 4th of June with many players and the competition was intense both days with upsets and a couple close calls. When the Finals came around the 4 players left were Tim Crown-Ben Wolf vs. Zack Fitzpatrick-John Moriarty both teams very good this meant any mistakes made could cost either team the title. The match started with Crown and Wolf jumping out to an early 9-4 lead with 4 mins left then they got a little too aggressive by hitting the ball too hard out of bounds. This helped Fitzpatrick and Moriarty regain their composure and slowly make a comeback. Then with a minute left Fitz and Mori were down by one with the serve, then they scored 4 straight to make the score 12-9 in favor of Fitzpatrick and Moriarty and with time running out. This claimed Zack Fitzpatrick-John Moriarty the 2010 Port Jervis High School Pickleball CHAMPS.

Reported by Alex Cordisco