In 2008, Brookville natives Charlie and Betty Allen, along with Larry Sheets and Marilyn Hedrick, found the fun sport of pickleball in Florida. They came home determined to get pickleball started in Brookvlle and the rest as they say is history.

Today, hundreds of people from all over the United States visit Brookville to play the sport of pickleball in our town.

NEW COVID19 Guidelines for Playing In Brookville beginning the week of May 18th.


As we begin regularly scheduled play in Brookville, we as a pickleball loving bunch of people, are going to go above and beyond in our attempt to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortably safe.  These guidelines are very simple and easy to follow and are aligned or above the current CDC and local guidelines for staying safe while exercising outdoors.

The current pickleball picnic tables and chairs will not be available for use at this time.

WHAT TO BRING:  Bring your own water bottle and hand sanitizer and personal lawn chair and  two pickleballs with your name written on it.  If you do not have any personal pickleballs, we will have some new ones available for sale at the courts.


1) ALL chairs should be positioned throughout the grounds with at least 10 feet of space between each chair (unless you are sitting with a spouse or family member).  

2) We have two sets of two courts.  Each set of courts are a minimum of 30 feet apart.  So each set of two courts may have up to 8 players playing at one time, and we may have up to 8 players waiting to play at each set of two courts.  Please remain in or near your personal chair while waiting.   As a court completes their game, wait for the court to completely clear before you leave your chair and proceed to the empty court.

3) The only “rule” we have while actually playing is that you will only serve your own pickleballs.  Nobody will touch anybody else’s ball except to kick it back with your foot or paddle.

4) Though masks will not be required, if you decide to play a game with someone who chooses to wear a mask and is only comfortable playing with a foursome where everyone is wearing a mask, then please be considerate and play with a mask or choose to wait for the next open court.  

5) While waiting for a match, please do not congregate.  Ideally if everyone stays with their personal lawn chair and chairs are positioned at least 10 feet apart, we will be well beyond the CDC and local guidelines, and everyone will be safe.

As more and more COVID19 related data is being made public, it is clear that pickleball is right up there with walking and fishing and bike riding, as a great, safe form of exercise.  So please support each other by following our easy guidelines and have fun. 
We are all in this together!

TO HELP EVERYONE ASSESS THEIR OWN RISK LEVEL, this is one of the best articles we’ve found.  Really helps you make choices regarding indoors versus outdoors for any activity, whether it’s shopping or eating or playing pickleball. 

We welcome visitors of any age and any playing level.

SPECIAL NOTE:   The outdoor courts are available for open play any time.  And paddles and balls are always available.

REGULAR OPEN PLAY : Friday nights 5:00 – dark: All ages, all ability levels on the four outdoor courts behind the Franklin County Public Transportation garage at 7178 Blue Creek Road in Brookville.   RAIN BACKUP is at 1010 Franklin Avenue in Brookville.  Six courts are inside the Old Brookville High School.    
EVERYONE WELCOME:  Extra paddles available.

Ladies Day Play is Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8 – 10:30am at the four outdoor courts behind the Franklin County Public Transportation garage at 7178 Blue Creek Road in Brookville.   RAIN BACKUP is the Old Brookville High School gym at 1010 Franklin Avenue in Brookville.

The outdoor courts are open for personal play anytime.  Extra paddles and balls are kept at the courts.  ENJOY!


Questions?  Contact Rodney Grubbs at