In 2008, Brookville natives Charlie and Betty Allen, along with Larry Sheets and Marilyn Hedrick, found the fun sport of pickleball in Florida. They came home determined to get pickleball started in Brookvlle and the rest as they say is history.

Today, hundreds of people from all over the United States visit Brookville to play the sport of pickleball in our town.

We welcome visitors of any age and any playing level.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri Mornings 8:00-11:00am


11146 County Park Rd in Brookville, IN 47012

SPECIAL NOTE:   The outdoor courts are available for play any time.  And paddles and balls are always available.

Scheduled OPEN Play is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 8:00 – 11:00am at the four outdoor courts behind the Franklin County Public Transportation garage at 11146 County Park Road in Brookville.   RAIN and NASTY WEATHER BACKUP is the Old Brookville High School gym at 1010 Franklin Avenue in Brookville.  Six courts are inside the Old Brookville High School.  Extra paddles available.

The outdoor courts are open for personal play anytime.  Extra paddles and balls are kept at the outdoor courts.  ENJOY!


Questions?  Contact Rodney Grubbs at [email protected]

Open Play is a standard pickleball format of play used by many public courts around the United States.  The concept of open play is that players of all ages and playing skill levels get the opportunity to play with other players of various skill levels. This makes for an enjoyable playing experience and gives players a chance to play up with higher rated players so that their own personal skills can improve. In pure open play there is no set rotation.  People either agree to play with each other as they proceed to the next open court or a “next paddle(s) in line play together” procedure is used.  In Brookville, we have developed a long standing culture that is welcoming to all players, but also gives the upper level players the opportunity to play together during regularly scheduled Open Play times.  You will find that our upper level players will willingly play the first hour or more with players of all levels.  Then towards the end of the session, it is understood that the upper level players will migrate together to play a few final games amongst themselves so that they too can hone and sharpen their games.  That is what keeps our upper level players coming and donating their time during Open Play times. Otherwise they would choose to create their own private play times outside the normal Open Play times.
Thank you for your support of this somewhat unique culture that makes Brookville, Indiana such a popular place to play.