Pickleball Rocks: Pickleball Growth Pros

Meet the team:  We are proud to have these great people on the Pickleball Rocks Team. 
They have one mission, and that is to help you grow pickleball. 

They will organize and teach “Learn To Plays”.  They will hold clinics and teach private lessons. They will be a great vendor for your tournaments and they will be a great friend and supporter of your pickleball community or club.
What do you need?



Alabama – TBA

Alabama - TBA
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Arizona – TBA

Arizona - TBA

Alaska – TBA

Alaska - TBA
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Arkansas – TBA

Arkansas - TBA

California – TBA

California - TBA

Colorado – Marc & Michelle Weissenberger

Colorado Growth Pros
Michelle and Marc Weissenberger BIO - Click Here

Marc and Michelle are fun pickleball teachers and cover the region surrounding Florence, Colorado. They also own and operate a pickleball store in Florence. Stop in anytime.

Connecticut – TBA

Connecticut - TBA

Delaware – TBA

Delaware - TBA

Florida (West) –
David Thieme

David Thieme
David Thieme Bio: Click Here

Dave Thieme is an IPTPA Certified pickleball coach/teacher and covers the Florida counties of Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte.

Florida – East

Georgia - TBA

Florida North – TBA

Florida North - TBA

Florida – TBA

Florida - TBD

Georgia – TBA

Georgia - TBA

Georgia – TBA

Georgia - TBA

Hawaii – TBA


Idaho – TBA

Idaho - TBA

Illinois – TBD




Iowa – Barbara Shinbori

Barbara Shinbori BIO: Click Here

Kansas – TBA

Kansas - TBA

Kentucky –
Chrissy Haywood

Chrissy Haywood
Chrissy Haywood Bio: CLICK HERE

Chrissy Haywood is an IPTPA Certified top level pickleball coach/teacher and is responsible for helping pickleball grow in the state of Kentucky. Reach out to Chrissy at [email protected]

Louisiana & Southern Mississippi – Tex Morris

Tex Morris Bio: Click Here

On top of being a Pickleball Rocks brand ambassador, Tex is a USA Pickleball Ambassador, a certified teacher/coach through the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) and is host of the popular annual Hallowheel pickleball tournament.

Maine – Gen Yong

Gen Yong BIO: Click Here

Massachusetts – TBA

Massachusetts - TBA

Michigan – TBA

Michigan - TBA

Minnesota – TBA

Minnesota - TBA

Mississippi – TBA


Missouri East – John Kleinschmidt

John Kleinschmidt Bio: CLICK HERE

Montana – Lindsay Michaud

Lindsay Michaud Bio - CLICK HERE

Nebraska – TBA

Nebraska - TBA

Nevada – TBA

Nevada - TBA

New Hampshire – TBA

New Hampshire - TBA

New Jersey – TBA

New Jersey - TBA

New Mexico – TBA

New Mexico - TBA

New York – TBA

New York - TBA

North Carolina (Southern) – Gary Odle

Gary Odle Bio: CLICK HERE

North Carolina (Northern) Tom & Suzanne Calcutt

Tom and Suzanne Calcutt
Tom and Suzanne Calcutt Bio: CLICK HERE

Tom and Suzanne are Pickleball Rocks Growth Pros for the state of North Carolina.  Their motto: “We Love Pickleball and only play on days that end in “Y”. LET’S PLAY!”  Reach out to them at Tom 919-453-7933 Suzanne 919-453-4424 [email protected]

Ohio (Central & Southern) Mila Santos

Mila Santos Bio - CLICK HERE

Oklahoma – Marva Stroman

Marva Stroman Bio: CLICK HERE

Oregon – TBA

Oregon - TBA

Pennsylvania – TBA

Pennsylvania - TBA

Rhode Island – TBA

Rhode Island - TBA

South Carolina – TBD

Bob & Elizabeth Higginbottom Bio: CLICK HERE

South Dakota – TBA

South Dakota - TBA

West Tennessee – Mary Hicks

Tennessee - TBA

Texas (Southeast) – TBD



Utah – TBA

Utah - TBA

Vermont – TBA

Vermont - TBA

Virginia – TBA

Virginia - TBA

Washington – TBA

Washington - TBA

West Virginia – TBA

West Virginia - TBA

Wisconsin (West) –
Andrea “Drea” Ingvalson

Andrea Ingvalson Pickleball Rocks
Andrea Ingvalson Bio: CLICK HERE

Andrea is a Pickleball Rocks Growth Pro for the state of Wisconsin.  She is an IPTPA certified instructor, the USA Pickleball District Ambassador for Wisconsin, and a licensed physical education instructor with over 2 decades of experience teaching. Reach out to Andrea at [email protected] or 715-218-1691

Wisconsin (East) –
Jeff “Willie” Wilson

Jeff Wilson Bio: Click Here
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Wyoming – TBA

Wyoming - TBA