Pickleball Rocks Brand Ambassadors

Meet the team:  We are proud to have these great people on the Pickleball Rocks Team.  They are here to help you. 
They will organize and teach Learn To Plays.  They will hold clinics and teach private lessons. They will be a great vendor for your tournaments and they will be a great friend and supporter of your pickleball club.  What do you need?
Their mission is to help you grow pickleball in your towns, cities and communities, in any way they can.

Louisiana & Southern Mississippi – Tex Morris

Tex Morris Bio: Click Here

On top of being a Pickleball Rocks brand ambassador, Tex is a USA Pickleball Ambassador, a certified teacher/coach through the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) and is host of the popular annual Hallowheel pickleball tournament.

Wisconsin (West) –
Andrea “Drea” Ingvalson

Andrea Ingvalson Pickleball Rocks
Andrea Ingvalson Bio: Click Here
Andrea Ingvalson is…

Wisconsin (East) –
Jeff “Willie” Wilson

Jeff Wilson Bio: Click Here
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Texas (South) –
Rommie Maxey

Rommie Maxey Bio: Click Here

Rommie Maxey is….

Florida (East) – David Thieme

David Thieme
David Thieme Bio: Click Here

Dave Thieme is an IPTPA Certified pickleball coach/teacher and covers the Florida counties of Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte.

Alabama – TBA

Alabama - TBA
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Arizona – TBA

Arizona - TBA

Alaska – TBA

Alaska - TBA
Jeff “Willie” Wilson is….

Arkansas – TBA

Arkansas - TBA

California – TBA

California - TBA

Colorado – TBA

Colorado - TBA

Connecticut – TBA

Connecticut - TBA

Delaware – TBA

Delaware - TBA

Florida – TBA

Florida - TBA

Georgia – TBA

Georgia - TBA

Hawaii – TBA


Idaho – TBA

Idaho - TBA

Illinois – TBA

Illinois - TBA

Indiana – TBA

Indiana - TBA

Iowa – TBA

Iowa - TBA

Kansas – TBA

Kansas - TBA

Kentucky – TBA

Kentucky - TBA

Maine – TBA

Maine - TBA