Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month: Linda Calvano

Every month we get players nominated from all over the world and you can always tell when a nominee has really made a great impact on our sport. 

This month’s award winner lives in the community of Greenwood Indiana and has been bringing new players to the courts for years. Linda has helped start pickleball at the Community Life Center, The Baxter YMCA, the Martainsville YMCA, and The Gathering Place. She worked with Garfield Park on their pickleball program, and many others. She has also worked with the Greenwood parks Dept on lining the outdoor tennis courts for pickleball and headed up tournament to raise money to cure cancer.

According to the people we met, Linda has helped literally hundreds of people pick up a paddle for the first time, but the one consistent message we heard was that Linda is a person who reaches out and touches people in so many positive ways.

One nominator said it best when she wrote to us and said, “You will never meet a more God loving, people loving, Pickleball loving woman. Linda is where it all began for so many of us.”

Please help us congratulate our October 2016 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month, Linda Calvano.

2015 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year Announced

Throughout the year, people use NominateAPlayer.com to tell us all about their favorite players.  Many times they tell us about players they know who win lots of tournaments.  But also they tell us about people who have had tremendous impacts on their communities or towns.  Additionally, as we travel across the country to tournament after tournament, we ask the question, “who is your favorite pickleball player?”  Again, we get many answers.

This year, there was a common theme both in the online voting and seemingly everywhere we went.  That theme was the name Moore.

Scott Moore and Daniel Moore

In a very short period of time, Scott and Daniel Moore have had an amazing impact on the sport of pickleball.

Yes we heard a lot about how great of players they both are, but many times we also got comments like, “they are such great people off the court”, and “they are always working to help pickleball in so many ways.”  Those types of comments go a long ways towards making our final POY decisions, and in this case we got plenty of great comments.

Let’s talk about how they did on the courts this year.

We found that between the two of them, they participated in 15 sanctioned tournaments in 2015.  Between the two of them, they entered 41 events and brought home 32 medals, including a whopping 25 gold medals with 6 of their golds coming from NationalsVII.   Scott Moore - Pickelball Rocks Player of the Year  And yes, Dad Scott entered 6 events at Nationals VII and medaled in all six.   They’ve simply had an amazing year!

Winning isn’t everything though, and these two were winners outside the tournament circuit too.  Scott and Daniel are seen regularly shaking hands and doing clinics for everyone from beginners to the best players players on the planet.

And speaking of the planet, they covered that too.  Daniel has been the key player to bring the country of Japan into the pickleball frenzy.  We can’t wait to play there some day soon.  Daniel Moore

So as you can see, this year’s pick was actually a pretty easy one.  Yes, we have many new and exciting players coming into the great sport of pickleball and the future is bright.   We look for these two guys to be bright beacons for us for a long, long time.

Congratulations to our 2015 Pickleball Rocks Players of the Year:  Scott and Daniel Moore

Scott and Daniel Winner Header



2014 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year Announced

Choosing the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year is always a fun project.  But the pick is not made lightly or quickly because there are so many deserving players who impact our great sport on and off the court.   We believe this year’s choice is long overdue as we congratulate the dynamic team of Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner.

Individually Alex and Jennifer have been almost unbeatable on the courts for years, but together they form the most dominating doubles team the sport of pickleball has ever seen.

Jen and Alex Ind

Their friendship is always on display off the courts and their chemistry and synchronized movement on the pickleball court is simply unmatched today.

Jen and Alex 2



The big tournaments are truly their playground.  This year they collected a whopping 9 combined medals at the 2014 USAPA National Tournament, highlighted by winning their 4th consecutive National Open Women’s Doubles title (yes, 4 time National Doubles Champions).

Couple that with winning the last 3 Grand Canyon State Games Open Doubles Gold medals and a wealth of other big tournaments, and you have what is known in the sporting world as a dynasty.

Jen and Alex together

Couldn’t happen to two nicer ladies. Alex and Jennifer epitomize what we look for in our Player of the Year candidates.   Not only are they great players on the courts, but they are equally as good for pickleball when they are off the courts.

We are proud to call them friends and congratulate them on their many pickleball accomplishments which now includes “2014 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year”.

2013 Pickleball Player of the Year Announced

If you are a regular reader, you know we don’t always select the players with the most tournament wins.  We are always in search of those special players who in some small way, help pickleball grow.  This year’s winner embodies what a true champion of our sport looks like.  They pretty much lived every pickleball player’s dream.
Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg
We traveled the country extensively in 2013 and everywhere we went, when we’d ask about people’s favorite players, Jim and Yvonne were always mentioned. They personify what a great pickleball marriage can be.  And it seems like one was not mentioned without the other, so we thought it fitting to present this year’s award to both of them.
When not visiting their grandkids, they spent 2013 traveling the country conducting clinics and playing tournaments and reaching out to make new friends everywhere they went.
We had a lot of great candidates this year, but the thing that swayed our decision more than anything else was what happened at the 2013 National Tournament.
At this years Nationals, in every age group event they entered, they stood on the Gold medal stand at the end.  That is impressive, but that was not the determining factor.
Jim and Yvonne clinched their Player of the Year award in the Open Mixed Doubles event where they made an incredible run before losing in the Bronze medal match.  But it was not their play that stood out.  Yes,  Jim and Yvonne are tremendous players, but it was the overwhelming crowd support that we saw for them that will stick forever in our minds.  Every time Jim and Yvonne’s names were announced for a match, record crowds would move to their court to cheer them on in a show of admiration for one of our sports great couples.
There is this myth that older players (ok, over 50) cannot compete with the new young breed of fast, quick players who are popping up every day.  Jim and Yvonne proved them all wrong as they battled and beat young team after young team along the way.
Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg at 2013 Nationals
Jim and Yvonne are yet another great example of why pickleball continues to grow in popularity for all ages.
Congratulations go out to this year’s Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year, Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg.
They are true winners on and off the court.

Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month: 2013 Year in Review

2013 had dozens of very special pickleball people nominated for the coveted Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month award.

Some were great pickleball players, while some were just plain great for the sport, yet happened to play pickleball.

Here were this year’s Player of the Month winners:

January:  Trudee Klein

January 2013 Player of the Month - Trudee Klein









February:  Justin Rodgers

Player of the Month - Justin Rodgers










March:  Sid Cojac

Sid Cojac Player of the Month










April:  Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane - Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month










May:  Kyle Hicken

May 2013 Player of the Month







June:  Walt Hooker

Walt Hooker - Player of the Month








July:  Dennis Forbes

Dennis Forbes









August:  Tom and Ann Earley

Tom and Ann Earley








September:  David Schollmeier


October:  Rick Marion

Rick Marion Player of the Month








November:  Jessica LeMire

Jessica LeMire Player of the Month










December:  Wesley Gabrielsen

Wes Gabrielsen - Pickleball National Medal Winner










2013 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: ????????????


Player of the Month: May 2013 – Kyle Hicken

Please congratulate our first ever high schooler as the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month.

Kyle Hicken won both the 2013 singles and doubles titles at Chartiers Valley High School.

We have been following the pickleball exploits at Chartiers Valley for quite some time as they have over 100 players enter their yearly tournament plus they compete against other northeast high schools.

Thanks for the nomination Alec Oliverio.     Congratulations Kyle Hicken.

May 2013 Player of the Month