Pickleball 4 Kids

Today we are welcoming long-time sales professional, Kevin Lindley to the Pickleball Rocks team.
Kevin joins the team as our new National Team Sales and Event Sales Director.
Besides selling our famous Pickleball Rocks clothing all across the country, helping the sport grow has been our passion and mission for over 13 years. We’ve worked with communities, small and large, and we have worked with players of every age and ability level.

We are excited to announce that we have added a new business division to our Pickleball Rocks parent company. The new division was added to specifically sell low cost pickleball paddles and equipment to elementary, middle and high school physical education programs as well as college recreation centers, college club teams and YMCA’s.

Even more exciting is the fact that this new equipment division of Pickleball Rocks will be headed up by former Reebok National Sales Director, Kevin Lindley. Kevin has the dream resume for this new position. On top of his stint with Reebok, Kevin has spent the last 15 years leading the Team Sales group at Indianapolis Racquet Club, selling tennis equipment directly to colleges and schools across the country.

When we first talked to Kevin about him selling our pickleball equipment to those same schools and colleges, I literally held my breath until he said yes.

Soon we will be launching the new Pickleball Rocks branded paddle line along with a selection of low cost balls and portable nets. Everything in our new line will be amazingly affordable for our school and organizational customers.

For the last 6 months we have been stockpiling low cost paddles that are earmarked specifically to be sold to this new youth market.  Some of the paddle names you may recognize while some soon-to-be-added paddles you may not be familiar with, yet.

Our first project, code named “Pickleball 4 Kids” will use these low cost paddles to get the kids of America playing this great sport.  Growing pickleball at the youth level nationwide has been a passion of ours for years, and now, with Kevin’s help, we are going to help introduce the kids at warp speed. We believe every phys ed teacher and recreational program director will love working with Kevin.

When asked about his joining the Pickleball Rocks Team, Kevin said, “It really is a dream job.  I’ve absolutely loved working in tennis sales for years, and now I get to be involved with, not only the fastest growing sport in America, but I get to be an integral part of one of the best know pickleball brands on the planet. Everyone seems to know Pickleball Rocks and its products and their reputation for helping pickleball grow.  I’m super excited to get started.  I love that everyone on the team has the same vision, to get everyone playing, no matter what age they might be.”

So let your school know about Kevin and he will be in touch.

For a FREE equipment quote for your school, college or organization, contact Kevin at [email protected]

Kevin Lindley

To Learn More About The Pickleball 4 Kids Project and the recreational paddles available go to https://pickleballrocks.com/pickleball-4-kids/