Pickleball Rocks Helping Raise Money for Parkinson Foundation

Stephanie and Abby and LeEllen and Josh

Hey Pickleball Nation,

It never ceases to amaze us, the generosity of the pickleball community.

Hopefully you have not been to battle with Parkinson’s.  Hopefully you don’t know anyone who has had to battle this insidious disease.  Unfortunately, you probably have.

The good news is that progress is being made and thanks to the upcoming Gamma Pickleball Classic in Pittsburgh, money is being raised to help speed up the research and eventually cure this horrible disease.

And with your help the Pickleball Rocks Team is going to help with this great cause.

We’ll have four team members at the Gamma Pickleball Classic and you can help any or all of them as we raise funds to battle Parkinson’s disease.

We’ll be using the new USAPA Every Point Counts program to take pledges and raise money.

Josh Grubbs and Stephanie Lane will be teaming up in mixed doubles and would love to have you make a pledge for every point they score during their event.
To pledge and sponsor Josh and Abby, CLICK HERE.

Next we have Abby Grubbs teaming up with our youngest team member LeEllen Lane in ladies doubles.  To support Abby and LeEllen with a pledge, CLICK HERE.



So the bottom line is, we’re asking you to make a pledge where we will multiply it times every point your chosen team scores.
Or you can make a flat fee pledge too by CLICKING HERE.
And trust me, our Pickleball Rocks team members will all be doing their very best.

TO MAKE A SPONSORSHIP PLEDGE FOR TEAM Josh and Stephanie or TEAM Abby and LeEllen, CLICK ON THE SPONSORSHIP SHEET BELOW.  It will take you to a page where you can make your pledge.  You do not pay anything until after the tournament, when we will contact you with our team’s results.

Cannot thank you enough for helping us help fight Parkinson’s.
God Bless You.   -The Pickleball Rocks Team

SIMON Sale: 48 Hours Only

SIMON The Heavy Duty Pickleball Machine

Doesn’t happen often.  Someone gives you a one hundred dollar bill.  Well that’s kinda what we are doing tonight.

For the next 48 hours, you can use discount code SIMON100 and get an instant $100 OFF on the Remote Control version of SIMON 2.0, the world’s only heavy duty use pickleball throwing machine.

This code expires at 11:59pm Monday night June 5th.

  • In case you haven’t heard.  SIMON 2.0 now….
    Comes with a Wireless Remote Control that works up to 100 feet.
    Comes with onboard wheels, making it easy to move Simon anywhere on the court.
    Comes with a unique fully adjustable Any-Log, Any-Dink ramp, allowing you to simulate any shot you can dream of.
    Come with a built in Turbo Carousel that flawlessly feeds balls as quickly as one every 1.5 seconds.  WOW!

CBS Sports Network to Broadcast 2017 USAPA National Pickleball Championships


USAPA National Pickleball Championships with CBS Sports Network

Put August 1st on your calendar.  That is the day registration opens for the mother of all pickleball tournaments. And yes, you read the title right.  CBS Sports Network will be broadcasting the Gold Medal Open Matches from the 2017 USAPA National Pickleball Championships in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Stay tuned for more news on this yearly pickleball tradition.

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