Black Friday SIMON 2.0 Special

It’s a special time of year, SIMON 2.0 is a special kind of pickleball machine and we are bringing you a very special deal (GOOD TIL November 30th) to help you put a SIMON on your Christmas list.

Some Special Features of the New SIMON 2.0:

Simon 2.0 will fire balls as quickly as one every 1.5 seconds with the new 4-Ball Turbo Carousel.  Creating a great cardio workout.

Simon will shoot lobs seemingly a mile high as well as the most delicate perfectly placed dinks with the new Any Lob – Any Dink Adjustable Snap-On Ramp.  There is NO shot that SIMON 2.0 can’t shoot…perfectly, naturally.

SIMON 2.0 now comes with wheels.  Though he only weighs 32 pounds ( a mere 4 pounds more than TUTOR ), now you can roll SIMON easily to any spot on the court or to your car.

SIMON 2.0 now comes with an optional ($79) fully wireless on/off remote control with range up to 100 feet.

And SIMON 2.0 still holds a whopping 160 balls and runs a full six hours on a single charge.  Talk about heavy duty.

SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY DEAL:  There is only one place you can get this deal.  Go to
and pick SIMON 2.0 with Remote to add to your cart.  When you checkout use the coupon code BlackFridaySimon and you will receive a full $125 off the total package, plus FREE shipping.

This deal is good only through November 30th. 

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USE COUPON CODE: BlackFridaySimon to receive $125 off SIMON 2.0 with Remote through November 30th.