On August 7th, 2016, our good pickleball friend Dave Pike, pulled up anchor from the Grand Haven, Michigan dinghy docks and set out on the pickleball journey of a lifetime.

For days now, Dave has been battling the elements as well as loneliness and a few bugs to be the ultimate ambassador for our beloved sport of pickleball.

Ultimately Dave will end up in Key West.  Well, that’s where he’ll land for the winter, but ultimately he’ll end up back in Grand Haven next August.

So with his trusty sidekick Wilson and his also trustworthy dinghy, appropriately named, “Journey”, Dave will manage to visit 18 states along the way.

And his real goal?  Play as much pickleball and meet as many pickleball players as he possibly can during this 12 month adventure.

We love the fact that Dave is capturing every day of his trip on his blog Six Thousand Miles In A Dinghy.   We’ve loved following his daily exploits so far.  And if you want to follow Dave too, simply go to https://sixthousandmilesinadinghy.wordpress.com/ and subscribe.  It is simply too much fun to be missed.  Enjoy Everyone!