Hey Pickleball Nation,
Thought I’d share some thoughts with you about the new Pro-Lite Black Diamond Series TITAN Pro pickleball paddle.  Yes, that’s a long name.  It is simply the TITAN Pro.  And apparently is the first in a series of paddles heading to market from Pro-Lite Pickleball.
Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle

In early January, Pro-Lite gave us one of the proto-type TITANs to try.  I loved the feel from the very first time I hit a ball with it and since then, I’ve had nothing short of amazing results.  In my five previous years of playing in the big tournaments in Arizona, I had one medal to show for it.  (Thank you Byron Freso for my Fun In The Sun Silver )

Anyhow back to the story.  In January and February I used the TITAN in four tournaments and magically picked up six medals.  Yep, 6.
Soon after that, I also got a call from the USAPA to move me up to 5.0.  Unbelievable.
So, the bottom line is, it is an absolute game changer.  To quote Sarah Ansboury the first time she tried the TITAN, “It’s the first paddle where it feels like my tennis strings.”  The feel and touch is incredible, yet still has all the power needed to get the job done, emphatically.
So if going to the next level of pickleball is your goal, the TITAN is the paddle to do it.  I absolutely love mine.
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Titan Pro