Rock N Roll Logo Small Get ready world.  the Rock N Roll Pickleball initiative to make the sport of pickleball available and accessible for everyone has officially launched.

Well-known para-pickleball player and ambassador Adrienne Barlow has Rock N Roll Pickleball off to a great start.

It is a great cause that every pickleball player can rally behind because it champions the idea that everyone, and I mean everyone, can play our great sport and should have access to courts to play.

Stated Adrienne, “I love the meaning of Rock N Roll Pickleball.  The ROCK is all the standing players and the ROLL is all the wheelchair players, and they are quickly finding out they can be great partners on and off the courts.”

Adrienne has dedicated her life to advocating inclusion and accessibility for all athletes young and old, but her main focus is now helping para-athletes play the sport of pickleball.  And she and her growing team have big plans for the year.

Rock N Roll Pickleball will be featured at this year’s National Veterans Valor Games. Adrienne and her volunteer team will be doing pickleball clinics and exhibitions on Saturday June 4 at the Valor Games Far West in Alameda, California.

We have created a Rock N Roll Special Edition dri-fit shirt that will help raise funds for Adrienne’s travels as well as buying specialized wheelchairs and pickleball paddles to give away at events.

Order your shirt by clicking on the shirt.
It comes in tons of different colors.

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So everyone get ready to Rock N Roll.

I know we are.

Rocket, Josh, Abby, Zack and Stephanie
The Pickleball Rocks Team

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