Pickleball Headquarters Brings Pickleball Rocks Apparel to The Villages

The pickleball fanatics at AllAboutPickleball.com have signed an exclusive distributor marketing agreement with the The Villages based company, Pickleball Headquarters, to sell the
famous ?Pickleball Rocks? brand of apparel at their softball and pickleball equipment store.

Per All About Pickleball president, Rodney Grubbs, ?”With pickleball growing at an astronomical rate, it has become apparent that we cannot get our shirts and hats everywhere ourselves.

On our last Florida trip to The Villages, we heard about Marlene Schultz and Teresa Sanchez at Pickleball Headquarters. Once we began talks with them, it wasn’t long before both sides knew this was a good business match for both of us. This has opened an opportunity for us to get our “Pickleball Rocks” trademarked brand in front of the thousands of pickleball players throughout The Villages, and it allows them to handle the most popular pickleball apparel brand on the planet.”

Stephanie Lane Visting Pickleball Headquarters

This agreement allows Pickleball Headquarters to be the exclusive seller of the “Pickleball Rocks” apparel in The Villages. They will be able to display and sell Pickleball Rocks apparel at tournaments, street fairs and in their popular Softballs R Game store.

People just seem to be crazy about wearing the popular ?Pickleball Rocks? saying on their clothes, and we’re excited that the players in The Villages will now be able to see, touch and feel our apparel before buying.  Everyone wins.