The Pickleball World Welcomes SIMON With Open Arms

For years Pickleball Nation has been waiting for a good pickleball ball machine.  Many have tried and the feedback has always been the same.  “It feeds the balls too fast.”  “It puts way too much spin on the balls.”  “It only holds 12 balls.”  “I have to find an electric outlet every time I want to use it.”

SIMON on AAPWell, the perfect solution has finally arrived. SIMON, The Perfect Pickleball Practice Partner was introduced by the fanatics at (also known as The Pickleball Rocks team) at the 2014 USAPA National Tournament, AKA #nationalsVI

We did many demonstrations and the buzz that came out of Nationals was tremendous as over 3 dozen SIMONs were sold and shipped in the first 45 days.

The feedback has been great with everyone singing the praises of how natural SIMON feeds the ball on all the pickleball shots.  He feeds groundstrokes, dinks and overheads with ease.  And does it all on a 6 hour Smart Battery, so forget the need to find an outlet.

And with his 160 ball capacity, it seems like your workout will never end.

To order SIMON, simply go to www.ThePickleballMachine to get the introductory price and FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Your pickleball game will definitely thank you.  Enjoy!  #startplayingpickleballtoday

simon 3

CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE SIMON Videos in Action and to Order SIMON.