Rocket XL Pro-Lite Paddle Sale  Our Pickleball Rocks team is proud to announce the latest edition to Pro-Lite Sports line of super paddles.

The Rocket XL has unbelievable power but is almost whisper quiet.  Everyone is talking about the new Polymer cored paddles hitting the market and the Rocket XL is king.

Weighing in around 8 ounces, it is perfectly balanced so it is easy to swing, even though you don’t need to swing it hard at all to get those nice deep baseline shots.

We believe the world is going to absolutely love this paddle and can’t wait to get one in your hands.

We are so excited for you to try the Rocket XL that we are doing an introductory sale price (a full $10 off Pro-Lites MSRP) of only $74.95 and will send it to you FREE of any shipping charge, while our supply lasts.

Have fun with this new SUPER PADDLE. 


Pickleball Rocks,

-Rocket, Josh, Abby and Zack