Pickleball Rocks Men’s 5.0 Summer Shootout Coming…

The pickleball fanatics are at it again.  This summer for the first time ever, we are bringing sixteen high level players to tiny Brookville, Indiana for what will be a fun memorable weekend of pickleball.

This summer we have decided to have a Men’s Pickleball Rocks 5.0 Doubles Summer Shootout in Brookville on June 28th and 29th.

Pickleball Rocks Summer Shootout

We were looking for 16 high level players to come to Brookville for a shootout like never before.

No need to bring a partner, as this will be an every-man-for-himself doubles shootout.

Well the shootout draw is NOW FULL.

Here is what the players can expect:

Over 2 days you will be playing a 15 match round robin, where you will play one 15 point game (win by 2) with each and every other player entered.  YES, you will have a new doubles partner for each of your 15 matches.

Individual points will be tallied after each match with 20 points awarded to the match winners and the losers receiving their actual points scored during the match (maximum 13).  The tournament winner will be the individual with the most total points at the end of your 15 matches.  Tiebreaker will be most match wins, then Head-To-Head.

Day 1: Play will begin at 10:00am on Saturday June 28th with 8 matches scheduled.  There will be a break for lunch with a bag lunch provided.  After play has concluded, a cookout will be provided at the Grubbs home in Brookville.

Day 2: On Sunday June 29th, play will begin again at 10:00am with 7 matches scheduled.  Sunday lunch will be provided with play concluding around 4pm.

Entry fee for this event is $25 and cash prizes will be provided as follows:

Winner Receives $150 CASH, Second Place Receives $100 CASH, Third Place Receives $75 CASH, Fourth Place Receives $25 in Pickleball Rocks Bucks (good for Pickleball Shopping), Fifth and Sixth Place Receives $10 in Pickleball Rocks Bucks for pickleball shopping.

Should be a weekend to remember.  I know I’m looking forward to it.



Pickleball Rocks Summer 5.0 Shootout - June 28 - 29, 2014

The Confirmed Players are:

Zack Grubbs – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jeff Siebert – Brookville, Indiana

Paul Colletta – Flat Rock, North Carolina

Gary Ball – Monroe, Michigan

Paul Sprainitus – Canton, Michigan

Alvin Stinett – Terre Haute, Indiana

Jim Hackenburg  (injured and rehabbing) we’ll miss Jim.  Hurry back!

Al Hager – Eloy, Arizona

Ian Titus – Terre Haute, Indiana

Josh Grubbs – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rob Ziegler – Hebron, Kentucky

Matt Smith – Fort Wright, Kentucky

Mike Swartz – Florence, Kentucky

JT Schwarz – Union, Kentucky

Jack Froman – Batesville, Indiana

Prem Carnot – Oceanside, California

Andy Gensch – Overland Park, Kansas

Rodney Grubbs – First Alternate

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Final Tournament Results Below:

After 2 days and 15 matches:

First Place $150 Paul Sprainitis (279 pts).

2nd Place $100 Josh Grubbs (275 pts).

3rd Place $75 JT Schulz (241 pts).

4th Place $25 Matt Smith (232 pts).

5th Place $10 Andy Gensch (230 pts).

6th Place $10 Paul Coletta (228 pts).

7th Place Rob Ziegler (220)

8th Place Gary Ball (211)

9th Place Tie Jack Froman and Jeff Siebert (207)

11th Place Zack Grubbs (202)

12th Place Rodney Grubbs (198)

13th Place Ian Titus (189)

14th Place Mike Schwartz (181)

15th Place Alvin Stinnett (175)

16th Place Al Hager (148)

2014 Pickleball Rocks Summer Shootout Winners

2014 Shootout Winners