As we all know, Pickleball Rocks.
But some people may not know how much pickleball means to us personally.
The Grubbs family has always been a sports family. 
For years, tennis was our sport. My wife Karen and I both played tennis recreationally while our two boys were small.  Later I played USTA tournaments, rising as high as a 4.5 rating before retiring to watch sons Josh and Zack play in college.  For the next 5 years, Karen and I rarely missed a college match.
Tennis gave us a reason to be together on a regular basis.  And we enjoyed every minute of those times.
When the boys college tennis careers ended, pickleball suddenly came into our lives through an introduction by some good friends.
We immediately knew we had found our new family sport.
Soon we joined the USAPA and began playing and spreading the good word of pickleball through a simple website called
Tournaments became, and continue today to be, a full family road trip with many times Karen and me and both sons and their wives playing with 2 grandsons in tow.
Team Pickleball Rocks
Pickleball gives us our reason to get together on a regular basis, so the good times are still in full force and we love every minute of it.
From our meager beginning, All About Pickleball has grown into a full family affair with several businesses now, including, our national pickleball blogging news website, where we bring you the very best in high interest, fun and educational pickleball videos, and our latest, with the very best selection of cool “Pickleball Rocks” logo dri-fit shirts for ladies and gents, hats, coolers, cooling towels, and other assorted pickleball gifts.
Yes, pickleball has been very good to us and we are truly thankful for pickleball and everyone who promotes it.
Recently our family had our yearly planning and goal setting meeting to discuss what our plans are for pickleball this year.   Someone, and I don’t remember who, came up with the idea of somehow giving back because pickleball has been so very good to our family.
So the decision has been made that for this year, from every sale we make from any of our pickleball related businesses, we will donate one dollar of that sale to the USAPA to help grow the sport of pickleball.
 pickleball rocks dri fit shirts
We wish we could do more because the sport has certainly been a blessing to the Grubbs family.
But for this year, the one dollar donation will be our policy.  We want to thank everyone in advance who makes any purchase, big or small, from us.   That includes pickleball paddles, our very popular “Pickleball Rocks” dri fit shirts, portable chairs, cooling towels, etc.
Yes, anything you buy from us will put a dollar in the pot to help grow pickleball.   In doing so, you too will be giving back to our great sport.
pickleball rocks stuff
We hope you have a blessed 2013 filled with love, good health and lots of pickleball.
– Rocket and the whole Grubbs Family
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