The press release went out today.

We are proud to announce our new sponsorship of Prem Carnot and

Prem Carnot : Pickleball Help and CoachingPrem, like ourselves, is passionate about the game of pickleball.  He has been a fanatical player and tournament winner for years.  Lately, Prem has been passing on his experience and vast knowledge of the game to others, through live lessons and clinics in the San Diego area.

Now he has taken his unique ability to help others with their game to a new level with the launching of

As everyone knows, our mission at and is to grow the sport of pickleball in any way we can.  Obviously if players feel like they are continually improving, they will be even more inclined to stick with it and of course tell others.   This ability to help players get better is what Prem Carnot brings to the national pickleball community. allows any player, anywhere, to be able to get top level help, advice and guidance from one of the most recognizable names in the sport.  Prem Carnot and his wife Wendy have played all over the country and tirelessly promote pickleball everywhere they go.

Besides our long time USAPA sponsorship, this is our most exciting sponsorship ever. At Pickleball Rocks, we recognized, as with any sport, it can be frustrating when you try to play but things don’t go your way.  Prem Carnot is going to help eliminate that frustration for both new and old pickleball players.  Like every good teaching pro, Prem has the ability to look at your game and help make you better in a hurry.

We love Prem’s passion for the game and are happy to promote and recommend Prem Carnot’s pickleball coaching to everyone.

In return Prem and will be a new promotional outlet for pickleball paddles,  shirts, jackets and gifts from our sister company

To learn more about receiving personalized pickleball coaching and help, visit Prem at

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