I know that is a sad title to a blog post.   And yes, my birthday is celebrated every year around Thanksgiving so they always make sure I get a huge, delicious meal.  And yes, Christmas is coming and I do understand and promote the real reason for the season.  So you would think this would be a special time of the year.

But NO, it is a time of sadness.  The court chairs look lonely.  The pickleball courts here in the midwest are empty. Pickleball Rocks Since 1965 Court Chair

The wonderful, daily sound of pickleballs popping off the paddles is gone.  It is getting dark so early that most guys and gals can’t get to the courts after work.  It is getting so cold (today was a nice exception) that bulky coats are quickly becoming an outdoor necessity.

And the real problem is we can’t find an indoor place to play this time of year.  We live in Indiana where of course basketball is king.  Every boy and girl from the 5th grade through high school is practicing and playing basketball daily.  The gyms are all occupied seemingly 24 hours a day from now until towards the end of January.

Then things will look brighter.  We will be able to secure some indoor time, hopefully at our local high school where there is room in the practice gym for 4 temporary pickleball courts.

Can’t wait.  Just have to hang in there.  Life will be better soon.  🙂

Tell us where you are playing indoors this winter?