The number of players just keeps getting bigger and bigger at the Royal Oak Michigan 2012 Summer Pickleball Tournament.

This was my third year in a row to play the Royal Oak tournament and I’m more impressed each time I go.  This year they dedicated this beautiful 8 court complex to one of the great ambassadors of Michigan pickleball, Pat Sullivan.

Nancy Robertson, Marilyn Holladay and a host of fantastic people whom unfortunately I can’t name, put on a great party for us.    The matches go on court smoothly and the lunch was outstanding.  (Thanks to Sandy Simon’s wife, – forgive me if her name isn’t Linda, for the great Snickerdoodles).

Other than a masseuse when we are done, you can’t ask for anything more than this great tournament offered up.  I would highly recommend you include this one on your yearly pickleball tournament schedule.

By the way, my son Josh and I managed a 4th place finish.  People like Jim Hackenburg, Jeff Christman, Bart Ford and Al Hager just got in our way.  🙂  Thanks to everyone for a great time.

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