The Pickleball Olympics: Who Will Win?

Every four years, the whole world gets excited about the Summer Olympics.

Athletes from all over the world come together to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze, but more importantly for the pride of their country.

Well, in the great sport of pickleball, we get to do that once a year.  In 2017 the International Federation of Pickleball brought together 12 countries to battle for the famed Bainbridge Cup.   In Madrid Spain, over 100 players from the United States and Canada joined together as Team North America to win 200 of the total 302 matches played against Team Europe.

The scene of the tournament was like one seen in every summer Olympics.  The teams from each country were all dressed in matching sweatsuits and shirts with the name of their country’s federation on their backs. It was an awesome experience indeed.

This year, the battle between North America and Europe will take place in Montesilvano. Italy on July 20th followed by the 2 day Italian Open Championships.  If you haven’t registered to play yet, there is still time at

But if you cannot make it this year, we hope you will support the team by wearing the new Team North America shirts.  They are available in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless for men and women.  But can only be ordered for the next 72 hours.  All orders received by midnight June 29th will be completed and at your door before we leave for Italy on July 14th.  Once you receive your Team North America shirt, please send us a picture of you and friends wearing it so we can post it on our Pickleball Rocks facebook scrapbook page.

So who will win this year’s Bainbridge Cup?  Team North America or Team Europe?   That’s why we play the matches….

Wish us luck,



Pickleball Rocks Welcomes Pickleball News As Preferred Partner

Our Pickleball Rocks team is excited to welcome our newest preferred marketing partner, Pickleball News to the team. Across the country, a lot of people know and follow the great work of Pickleball News and Pickleball Radio creator, Chris Allen.

This just seemed like a great match for us as we continue to look for ways to help grow the sport of pickleball. Chris’ weekly podcasts contain so many great tips and strategies, that we felt it important to help get that information in front of as many players as possible. We’ll be using our extensive social media and website network to increase listenership for his weekly Pickleball News show.

In return Pickleball News will provide featured Pickleball Rocks ad spots in each news show and a primary Pickleball Rocks ad spot on the Pickleball News website.

It will be cool to be involved with a weekly pickleball news show.  We’ve known Chris Allen for a long time and everyone loves him and his podcasts. We can’t wait for the next new one to come out so we can listen in.  And as their exclusive apparel provider, we know more and more people are going to hear about our brand and the things we do to help the sport of pickleball grow.   We’re excited to help Chris grow his already large listener base.  I can’t imagine a pickleball player not subscribing to his weekly show.

In today’s official press release Chris said, “It is exciting for me to have someone with the marketing reach of Pickleball Rocks touting our weekly shows.  It seems that almost everyone already knows the Pickleball Rocks team and I’m happy to let the rest of world know about their great brand of pickleball apparel and equipment.”

And in case you didn’t know it, all Pickleball News podcasts are free.  Simply sign up to be notified when the next one is ready at

And even easier, you can listen right on your phone.  Just subscribe via iTunes (which is now Apple Podcasts) and they’ll download to your phone automatically: Click This LInk ===>

Welcome Pickleball News to the Pickleball Rocks Team

Scott Moore, Daniel Moore and Jonathan Moore Join Forces With The Pickleball Rocks Training Academy

Pickleball Rocks Training Academy Welcomes Scott Moore, Daniel Moore and Jonathan Moore To The Team and Launches High Performance Pickleball

Today the team at Pickleball Rocks, announced the launch of their newest pickleball brand, High Performance Pickleball.  Along with this exciting launch, came the great news that the nationally known Pickleball Rocks Training Academy, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has increased its coaching staff by three with the addition of Scott, Daniel and Jonathan Moore.



Said Pickleball Rocks president Rodney Grubbs, “We haven’t been this excited since the original launch of Pickleball Rocks over 8 years ago.  We couldn’t be happier about adding Scott, Daniel and Jonathan Moore to our Pickleball Rocks Academy coaching team.  The Moore’s certainly take teaching the game of pickleball to a whole new level.  But even more importantly to us is that we are adding a truly great family.  They mirror not only our family values, but our passion to grow pickleball across the globe. They are the perfect choices to take both the Pickleball Rocks and High Performance Pickleball brands around the world.

The Moore family will operate, control and wear our new High Performance Pickleball brand name, and as they do now, will offer high level training boot camps, clinics and mini clinics throughout North America, Europe and Asia.”

Recent US Open triple crown winner Scott Moore added, “It seems like Pickleball Rocks is recognized absolutely everywhere, so we’re happy to be teaming up with one of the most recognized brand names in pickleball.  With their help, we love the thought of building the High Performance Pickleball brand and taking our clinics and boot camps around the world.”

According to terms of the agreement, High Performance Pickleball will be added as a featured  training offering of the Pickleball Rocks Training Academy.  The High Performance Pickleball brand will include a full line of pickleball shirts and hats for sale along with the famous, high intensity training long associated with the Moore family.

To find a clinic or boot camp coming to your town, check the calendar at

To book a High Performance Pickleball event with the Moore’s, contact them at

Pickleball Trips Creates Alliance With Pickleball Rocks

Sometimes companies are just meant to work together and this is one of those times.

The press releases have been released and the social media postings posted.
It is going to be so much fun promoting the world class experiences of Pickleball Trips, LLC.

In case you missed the announcement, here it was:

Today, world renowned travel and tour company Pickleball Trips, LLC, inked a long term co-marketing agreement with the fanatical Pickleball Rocks team.

According to the terms of this agreement, Pickleball Rocks will use their worldwide marketing reach to promote Pickleball Trips, LLC as their preferred pickleball travel and tour company.  In return, Pickleball Trips will exclusively market and promote the world famous Pickleball Rocks brand of apparel.

Said Pickleball Trips owner Jonathan Moore, “We realized that our two companies had very similar values and vision to see pickleball grow worldwide.  So, joining together for our mutual benefits was an easy decision.”

Rodney Grubbs, Pickleball Rocks CEO followed up by stating, “my wife and I took a Pickleball Trips tour to Madrid last year and simply fell in love with this company.  We enjoyed the daily pickleball clinics lead by Daniel Moore, and then were wowed each and every day by the tours and tour guides who brought Spain to life for us.  The Moore family and Pickleball Trips do everything first class, and we are excited to let everyone know about this great company.”

Pickleball Rocks will utilize their large social media platform along with the Pickleball Rocks eNewsletter and tournament appearances to promote Pickleball Trip’s ever growing list of world class trips.

Pickleball Trip’s team of Scott Moore, Daniel Moore and Jonathan Moore will co-brand their pickleball coaching and trips apparel with the Pickleball Rocks logo and promote our pickleball apparel around the globe.

If you have never been on a Pickleball Trip’s tour, they are simply amazing.

Click here to learn about their amazing upcoming trips, including a trip to Italy built around the fun Bainbridge Cup and Italian Open pickleball tournaments.

Come join us in Montesilvano, Italy and more.

Pickleball Rocks Team Releases Secret Black Friday Discount Codes

Pickleball Nation, you have gone above and beyond to support our team and make Pickleball Rocks the best selling pickleball apparel brand in the world.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Yes, we are thankful.  In order to give back, we have set up the next 26 hours with some special savings for all our friends and fans.

Beginning at 10:00pm tonight (Thursday Novebember 23rd) and running until midnight tomorrow night, you have the opportunity to grab Pickleball Rocks apparel at our best prices ever.

Simply use the codes shown here during their appointed time frames to receive up to 50% OFF.

All times shown are Eastern Standard Time.  And these codes are good for Pickleball Rocks branded stuff.  So they are not good for paddles, balls or Simon.

So have fun, and again, our heartfelt thanks for all you do for us.

-Rocket, Stephanie, Josh, Abby, Zack and LeEllen,
The Pickleball Rocks Team



How Many Referees Does It Take to Run a Pickleball Tournament?

So how many referees does it take to run a sanctioned tournament or any pickleball tournament for that matter?

The answer is 1.   If you have 300 matches to play during your tournament, and your one referee agrees to do all of them, then he or she will be one tired referee. But in theory you could do it.

But the real answer is, it depends on the number of courts you have available for your tournament. If you have 6 courts, then you minimally need 6 referees who are willing to referee all the matches that occur on their court that day. If you have 8 courts, then you need a minimum of 8 referees. If you have 12 courts, 12 refs and so on.

That is, of course, the minimum number needed to have a referee on every match and thus pass that sanctioning requirement.

Now, do we think that is a realistic number? Of course not.

If you have six courts and can find people willing to referee a half day, then you can get by with 12 people. 8 courts would need 16 refs and so on.

But the bottom line is, you need a referee on each court all day long.

So how do you do that? Well, it still goes back to the number of courts you have. It is important that you have enough referees lined up and one assigned to each court at the beginning of each day. That allows you to get off to a good start. The keyword here was “assigned” ahead of time. So referees are already on their courts and ready to go when the players arrived courtside to warm up for that first match. Don’t wait until 15 minutes before the start of your tournament to see who shows up to ref and then assign them.

Schedule and assign them at the beginning of each day.

Likewise it is crucial to schedule your referees for the end of each day. Again, you will need as many refs as you will have courts running in that final two to three hours of the day. This allows you to end each day on a good note.

So where do you get your referees for the rest of each day? That is where your players will always help fill in.

When players register for a tournament, you should always ask, during registration, if they would be willing to help out with a little refereeing. Many will signup when offered the option during registration.

Now the key, very important part: Contact those volunteer players two weeks in advance and ask them to signup for a shift to referee. Let them pick what day and time they want to offer their services. Then follow up with them to confirm you have them scheduled for that day and time. This allows the players to choose the day and time that is most convenient for them and also is the most likely to cause them to follow through on their commitment.

Make a spreadsheet with days and timeslots available and fill it in as people and players commit.   Then it is easy to see the times where you will need some additional help.   But knowing that challenge days ahead of time, rather than the day of the tournament, makes it easy to address.

You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get the necessary referees to allow your tournament to be a USAPA sanctioned event. It takes some planning, but it is well worth having that USAPA seal of approval on your tournament. It shows your commitment to growing the tournament side of the sport the right way and is always appreciated by the players who play it.

Having a pickleball tournament without a referee is no different than having a basketball game without a ref or a baseball game without an umpire or any other sport without any officials. It simply becomes no different than playing for fun at your local courts.

The gold standard when it comes to very well run sanctioned tournaments is of course the USAPA National tournament in Casa Grande. The 2016 Nationals had over 2,000 matches played on 32 courts and every single match was refereed by only 157 people.
It’s really not as tough as people make it out to be.

I love it when I walk onto the court at a tournament and there is a referee standing there. It doesn’t have to be a USAPA certified ref.  It simply needs to be someone who can keep score for us and watch the kitchen violations.  When I see that referee on my court, I know someone is working hard behind the scenes to give me a good tournament playing feel.

Thank you to those tournament directors that go that extra mile.

It certainly is noticed and appreciated. Pickleball Rocks because of you.