Rain, rain, and more rain.

Today (Sunday) was singles day at the US Open.  Many of the world’s best singles player checked in early to get a crack at a US Open medal.  But today was not what the tournament directors wanted it and it certainly is not what the Florida Tourism department promised us when we come to “The Sunshine State”.  The forecast predicted a long day of hit and miss showers and the moving radar on my weather app confirmed it.

We arrived at the courts about 7:15 and quickly made a management decision to only put a few Pickleball Rocks items out for sale. If the weather cooperated, we would bring more items out of their boxes. We kept most of our inventory in the Suburban and boy are we glad we did.

As 8:00am (tournament start time) approached, the skies darkened and the rain began.

Fortunately for us, we travel to about 35 tournaments a year so we are always prepared for situations like this.
But unfortunately, some were not so fortunate.

So, we packed up and headed back to our host family for some lunch and a very, very nice nap.

Move ahead fours hours and the rain finally let up, the sunshine broke through, and a throng of volunteers went to work on the courts.  What an amazing bunch of dedicated friends of pickleball.  If you are a player who played singles today, I hope you stop and thank a volunteer sometime this week because if it weren’t for them, you’d be playing singles next Sunday or not at all.

We are literally going to thank every single volunteer with the same gift we provided for every player’s tournament swag bag.  A tournament cannot operate without volunteers.  So if you volunteered today to help get this Sunday singles day completed and in the books, please stop by the Pickleball Rocks booth anytime this week for a free $5 OFF shirt or hat coupon and a FREE Pickleball Rocks, Let’s Play car magnet.  We think you’ll love it and we want you to have it as a token of our gratitude.  You volunteers ROCK!

Next we spent some time tidying up the booth and readying for what promises to be a great day tomorrow.
Hope you’ll stop by and say hi.

Got to finish up the day hanging courtside with some of our favorite people on the pickleball planet, pickleball royalty Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore) and watched some amazing gold medal matches.



So it’s coming up on 10:30pm and after a long 15 1/2 hour day, I’m ready to do a little carb loading and get ready for my first day on the courts tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone,